Turkey & Swiss Panini {15 minute dinner}

12 Feb

I love having dinners on hand for weeknights that don’t involve alot of prep, and that taste great! I seriously had dinner on the table in about 15 minutes. The thing that took the longest was waiting for my panini press to heat up. You don’t need a panini press to make this sandwich, you could always grill the sandwich on a griddle.

We both liked this sandwich. I think it would taste amazing if you added bacon and sliced avocados to it! I might try that next time 🙂  This recipe has a homemade sauce of mayo and mustard + seasonings. Since I was only making it for the two of us, I simply mixed mayo and stone ground mustard together to taste and added it to the sandwiches. I also used a loaf of sourdough bread instead of a loaf of french bread. I will be making this again.


Turkey & Swiss Panini

Source: Adapted from Jamie Cooks It Up!


1 loaf of sliced sourdough bread

butter, softened

1 pound thinly sliced turkey

thinly sliced swiss cheese

2-3 Roma tomatoes, thinly sliced


real mayo + stone ground mustard to taste

Preheat the griddle or panini press to medium high heat. Spread butter on two pieces of sourdough bread. When griddle/press is heated up, lay one of the buttered pieces of bread buttered side down on griddle. Next, spread a layer of sauce on the other side. Layer turkey, tomatoes, and swiss cheese on top of sauce. Take the other buttered piece of bread, and spread sauce on the other side. Place the sauce side of the bread on top of the swiss cheese. Grill until golden brown, and cheese is melted. If you are using a griddle, make sure and flip sandwich over so both sides have a chance to brown.


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